Team HF

HF Human Factors Research and Training is a group of psychologists and other social scientists who work on human factors and safety. We take part in applied research projects, give trainings, offer workshops, and publish about different aspects of human factors psychology.

Current fields of interest

Interdisciplinary Contexts

We enjoy working in interdisciplinary contexts, e. g. with crisis management groups and emergency task forces, medical practitioners, engineers, pilots, police and firefighters. We have worked in the fields of

Research projects

Research projects of Team HF have included projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, such as human factors in evacuation planning and simulation, emergency planning, interorganisational communication processes and shared operational pictures in large-scale emergencies. Most team members also work in safety-related research projects at the University of Jena.

Training and Consulting

include human factors basics for practitioners, emergency planning and crisis management for practitioners, human factors knowledge, team resource management, safe communication in surgery.


Team HF regularly publishes in scientific and applied journals, contributes book chapters and edits books.
Most members of Team HF are also fellows of the association Plattform Menschen in komplexen Arbeitswelten e. V. (platform – people in complex work environments) and the European chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

A choice of our publications

Künzer, L. & Hofinger, G. (2020). Panic and Fire Protection – Current Insights, Risk Factors and Prevention. FeuerTRUTZ international, 1/2020, S. 6-10.

Badke-Schaub, P. & Hofinger, G. (2017). Failure in Teams – Why successful teams do not fail (so often). In S. Kunert (Ed.), Failure Management (p. 69-81). New York: Springer.

M. St. Pierre, G. Hofinger, R. Simon (2016). Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings (3. ed.). New York: Springer.